Product Details

• Sales
• Purchase
• Offers Deals & Reports
• Customer Data
• User Privilege
• Multi Currencies
• Notification & Reminders
• Automated E-mail Facility
• Stock Details
• Vendor Management
• Cheque Printing
• Barcode solution
• PDT, Weighing Scales Integration
• One touch Reports
• Backups and Data security.


FTA Stipulated VAT Features 

E-services section on Federal Tax Authority offers Value Added Tax registration to every business. DART POS supports the FTA stipulated VAT features.

Multi Language Support

DART POS support different international languages.

Sales Report through Email & SMS 

Your sales/purchase reports are send through SMS or Email services.

Sales and purchase management

DART POS helps you to collect the sales and purchase details smoothly and quickly.

Offers Deals & Promos

Festival season or not, DART POS supports offers, deals and promos on your need.

Customer & Vendor Management

DART POS are always there to bind the customer & vendor to maintain their healthy relation.

Auto Database Backup & Data Encryption

Customer’s privacy is always assured. Their financial details are secure and encrypted safely in DART POS.

Dashboard Reports

DART POS supports strong dashboard reports for tax services.

Stock Management 

Addition, removal and renewal or maintenance of stocks are supported by DART POS.

PDT & Weighing Scale Integration 

DART POS supports measuring scales and their price calculations.

Effortless Barcode & Cheque Printing

DART POS easily provides barcode analysis and to make the transactions fast.

User Roles & Privileges

 It offers users, quick and easy payment methods for purchase.

Detailed User Logs

 In order to provide secured transactions, DART POS supports detailed user logs.

Multi currencies 

DART POS supports various international currencies.

Notifications & Reminders

DART POS helps users to know about their sales/purchase and offers deals.

One Touch Report

 For efficient tax services, DART POS helps to generate reports quickly and accurately.

Caller ID Integration

DART POS provides secured caller ID integration.

Multi location 

Within a same business environment, DART POS supports multiple location access.

Training Videos 

Provides training videos on point of sale system.




Who We Are

Dart Powered by TELEKOS IT SERVICES is a group of young professionals who can provide a solution for your traditional register to point of sale system to manage the inventory easily.  We are leading IT service providers who focuses on high security features with simplified business strategies.

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